Editing your subscription website

Leads - Edit Form Fields

Customize your forms across your website to fit your branding goals.

Text - Creating text links

Speed up your revision workflow with our smart content tools that shows you the options for each element right on top of it.

Text - Revising text

No coding skills? No web-design experience? No problem! Our innovative visual builder empowers any user to create and revise their awesome, modern websites.

Leads - Viewing Leads

The Leads functionality is tightly linked with the Contact form. All the contact forms that users are submitting are saved in the Leads section of that project no matter if you set up marketing integrations like Mailchimp, Drip, etc. This is where the leads are saved when you put a contact form on your page(s) and a visitor of your website submits the form. You can Export or Delete leads from the two buttons on the bottom.

Images - Replacing website images

In this example you'll find instructions to replace images on your website. You may want to freshen up your website, or add a new head shot after your website is live. You can easily change the content on your website without any knowledge of coding or development.

Images - Lightbox

Lightbox is a script that displays images and videos by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page.

Images - Filters

You can add different filters to your website images. Change the color, add saturation, adjust the contrast and more.

Images - Links

Create and modify image links. Send your users to a new website, entice them with a lead magnet pop up, or allow them to download a specific document.

Popups - Creating linked popups

For most websites, building marketing popups involved third party plugins where the design had to take place inside its own sandbox. Here you can create popups right in the page.